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An unusual pet by IamNoHere An unusual pet :iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 5 4
POM - Black Wings - Chapter nineteen
Chapter Nineteen – Hot-served Revenge
A wave splashes over my face. Alive. I’m still alive. I look up and instantly regret it. The sun blinds me for a moment. Shielding my eyes, I search for my makeshift raft. I had no strength left to pull it up in the morning, and now the tide attacks it.
I dip my wings into the sea. The water is tepid but wet to the touch and salty to taste; not just a dream. Or nightmare. An escape from their verdict. Chills fight through the heat and down my spine. The people won’t find me here. Nobody finds me. I'm alone.
I settle on a rock, scorched as everything else around. The sun’s burning without mercy. It's never been so hot back in Hoboken, and neither has in New York. This island, it can’t be so far… Or have I been wrong and now paying for it? I spread my wings and fan myself. Heh, at least some use for them. Other than rowing, that is.
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The Strings (spoilers AceAttorney4) by IamNoHere The Strings (spoilers AceAttorney4) :iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 20 11 Spotlight for the monkey by IamNoHere Spotlight for the monkey :iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 6 0
POM - Black Wings - Chapter eighteen
Chapter eighteen – Darting away 
I couldn’t say Jensen hadn’t tried not to sleep this night. Despite all the efforts, it took his head only an hour or two to fall at the back of the chair and his snoring to fill the room. His hat ended on the edge of the table, not a guard’s honor anymore.
Hans was on his back, sleeping as well. As if there was nothing lurking ready to bring him nightmares, no enough reasons for pressing the lock. Must have been sure of his victory. 
Suppressing a chuckle, I drew out a dart and waited for it to hang in my wing, inert as its oncoming victim. If Jensen didn’t mind sleeping at work… I sent the dart into his shoulder, right under the shoulder pad. He grunted, his head dropping at his chest. 
As I stepped out of the cage, a squall of wind slapped my face, forcing me to raise my wing and shield against it. I peeked at the stupid window, swinging back and fort
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Laughing Out Loud - digital by IamNoHere Laughing Out Loud - digital :iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 11 6 Yummy by IamNoHere Yummy :iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 10 2
POM - Black Wings - Chapter seventeen
Chapter seventeen: Good night! 
A snore entered my dreams and disrupted an unfolding nightmare. With a gasp, I opened my eyes, finding myself in the same cage I’ve been locked in since the arrival, on the same table they’d put us on. It was dark here, a middle of night.
But where were the snores coming from?
It couldn’t be Hans, and not because puffins aren’t capable of such noises. He was sitting with his back turned away, pressed against the bars of his cage, but held his head high, staring at the wall.
Maybe my sight was getting adjusted to the lack of light, or maybe the dawn was about to start. A head popped into my view. It shifted with its bearer’s breath. The cage let me move close enough to glimpse a guard, slumped on a chair in deep sleep. He must’ve arrived some hours ago. Apparently, he didn’t find watching two birds such an important role as his boss did.
At least he couldn
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Black Wings - New cover by IamNoHere Black Wings - New cover :iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 10 7
Black Wings - poem
Black Wings
A night? That doesn't sound so bad
but it was everything they had.
One night - and at the brink of day
be lucky to flee away.
One crate and one awaiting zoo,
be careful not to bring there doom.
It's hard when all the dangers loom
from above your past.
Think fast and see what it may take.
Choices only the brave can make.
Nightmare from which you can't just wake.
This fight might be your last.
So wait, I'll reveal everything.
It's over, you can't change a thing.
It may be tougher than you think
the story of those wings.
:iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 13 18
POM - Black Wings - Chapter sixteen
Chapter sixteen: The sharp question
Up and down. Another wave must’ve washed over the ship. I rubbed my eyes. It was harder and harder to keep them open, but falling asleep would be the worst thing I could’ve done. The possibility of escape still hung somewhere in the void of my nearest future. I yawned and stretched myself as much as the crate allowed. How long was I struggling against the sleeping shot I couldn’t tell. It could’ve been an hour since we set off as well as the whole night. I wished for the latter. The darkness all around made my attempts to win over the sleep close to impossible. Hold on, I said to myself. Just a few hours. Endless, long hours...
Some time’s passed until I jerked awake. Thin flashes of light flickered through the chinks in the wood and bounced to the floor and back. The floor itself seemed to be shifting. I felt a headache coming. I closed my eyes, slowly rubbing my forehead. At
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Fluffy warrior - digital by IamNoHere Fluffy warrior - digital :iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 21 21 Laughing Out Loud by IamNoHere Laughing Out Loud :iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 8 6 Hello! by IamNoHere Hello! :iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 8 4 Fluffy warrior by IamNoHere Fluffy warrior :iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 6 2
POM - Black Wings - Chapter fifteen - Part two
Chapter fifteen: When the desperate times call… Part two
The window sill, narrow, scorching by the sun, didn't make well for an observation point. Paying a great portion of attention to my balance, I peeked inside, scanned the scene. Private was sitting in his cage on the table, under the window I gazed through. I wanted to knock to let him know but changed my mind when the vet walked past. Not him, nor the danish woman looked like leaving the room. I wasn’t relying on it anyway. It’d be far too easy.
I jumped back to the ground and ran to the back door. I knocked.
When I reached my wing to knock again, the door opened. The vet leaned out, unaware of me slipping inside.
The first thing to greet me was the unpleasant smell of various medicines. I hid under the medical cabinet and tried hard not to cough. The stench threatened to make me sick. I forced myself to breathe through my beak, but still, I c
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Morning flight by InsaneRoboCat Morning flight :iconinsanerobocat:InsaneRoboCat 303 7 Kitties by Indra1408 Kitties :iconindra1408:Indra1408 28 22 DFC 2016: 1 - Enigma by cholie DFC 2016: 1 - Enigma :iconcholie:cholie 9 16 005 by unerii 005 :iconunerii:unerii 144 27 C.A.I.N ref sheet by ChesterPalm C.A.I.N ref sheet :iconchesterpalm:ChesterPalm 12 0 -= Com: Valley of Droggo =- by Naia-Art -= Com: Valley of Droggo =- :iconnaia-art:Naia-Art 126 10 Anarchy Primordial Bored out of Mind XD by AnarchyTwisted500 Anarchy Primordial Bored out of Mind XD :iconanarchytwisted500:AnarchyTwisted500 3 0 Odysseys Of An Idling Polar Sun by MasterWingsOfAnAngel Odysseys Of An Idling Polar Sun :iconmasterwingsofanangel:MasterWingsOfAnAngel 45 30 Zombie phoenix on the moon by InsaneRoboCat Zombie phoenix on the moon :iconinsanerobocat:InsaneRoboCat 36 2 painting tutorial by littleulvar painting tutorial :iconlittleulvar:littleulvar 9,181 244 You Two Have Been Busy by Neytirix You Two Have Been Busy :iconneytirix:Neytirix 2,372 69 Death in a Fire - FNAF by LeFlashlight Death in a Fire - FNAF :iconleflashlight:LeFlashlight 5 6 Daily Paint 1788# Happy Friday The 13th by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1788# Happy Friday The 13th :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,527 156 Scepter'd Isle by Mythiril Scepter'd Isle :iconmythiril:Mythiril 154 30 Oh, Sweet Darling by Tuntalm Oh, Sweet Darling :icontuntalm:Tuntalm 91 64 AWmote-Yay by AspiredWriter AWmote-Yay :iconaspiredwriter:AspiredWriter 2 0




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An unusual pet
A piece for the Fan Art Generator challenge. The theme: Link/Zelda in the Mushroom Kingdom with an unusual pet. 

I hate how the colors turned out. I've raised the contrast digitally because the colors were too dull.

Any comments or critiques are welcome:) 

edit: I hope the new picture shows better.
Hi again:) I have a request for you, who looked at my page. I want to illustrate my fanfic Black Wings, but I don't know, what exactly to draw. Which is your favourite scene/character/quote? Which thing would you like to see the most form me? I can't promise you, that the drawing will be good, I'm not any great drawer, but I'll try my best. Actually, I have some pictures yet, but they wait for their scene to appear:D Any suggestion will be rewarded with a llama. Thank you:)


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