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POM - Black Wings - Chapter sixteen
Chapter sixteen: The sharp question
Up and down. Another wave must’ve washed over the ship. I rubbed my eyes. It was harder and harder to keep them open, but falling asleep would be the worst thing I could’ve done. The possibility of escape still hung somewhere in the void of my nearest future. I yawned and stretched myself as much as the crate allowed. How long was I struggling against the sleeping shot I couldn’t tell. It could’ve been an hour since we set off as well as the whole night. I wished for the latter. The darkness all around made my attempts to win over the sleep close to impossible. Hold on, I said to myself. Just a few hours. Endless, long hours...
Some time’s passed until I jerked awake. Thin flashes of light flickered through the chinks in the wood and bounced to the floor and back. The floor itself seemed to be shifting. I felt a headache coming. I closed my eyes, slowly rubbing my forehead. At
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Fluffy warrior - digital :iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 17 18 Laughing Out Loud :iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 6 6 Hello! :iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 5 2 Fluffy warrior :iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 4 0
POM - Black Wings - Chapter fifteen - Part two
Chapter fifteen: When the desperate times call… Part two
The window sill, narrow, scorching by the sun, didn't make well for an observation point. Paying a great portion of attention to my balance, I peeked inside, scanned the scene. Private was sitting in his cage on the table, under the window I gazed through. I wanted to knock to let him know but changed my mind when the vet walked past. Not him, nor the danish woman looked like leaving the room. I wasn’t relying on it anyway. It’d be far too easy.
I jumped back to the ground and ran to the back door. I knocked.
When I reached my wing to knock again, the door opened. The vet leaned out, unaware of me slipping inside.
The first thing to greet me was the unpleasant smell of various medicines. I hid under the medical cabinet and tried hard not to cough. The stench threatened to make me sick. I forced myself to breathe through my beak, but still, I c
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POM - Black Wings - Chapter fifteen - Part one
Chapter fifteen: When the desperate times call… Part one
“Is the van going back yet?”
“I’ve already told you I have no idea, Private!”
I gnashed my beak. He could be glad I wasn’t in the mood for slapping. Too grateful for their compassion to do it. Too relieved they hadn't left…
I slapped him anyway. Not so hard as usual, though, just to show I wasn't becoming sentimental.
Kowalski stepped from foot to foot at his hiding place and drew out the binoculars. "They should've been on their way by now," he stated.
"It's a pity we can't be sure," Private lamented, rubbing his cheek.
I pulled the binoculars to my side and peered in. Nothing except the usual traffic. "Patience, soldier. There's not a thing easier than to drive to Hoboken and arrange a transport of one puffin." I turned to the zoo and checked for Alice, but she hasn't shown. I could imagine her sitting with her feet up in her office,
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POM - Black Wings - Chapter fourteen
Chapter fourteen: Don’t lose your loose ends!
"Wow!" I breathed out, overwhelmed by such a long story. Many questions concerned me. Why didn't Skipper tell us this all before? Did he think he couldn’t trust us? But mostly, was he telling the truth? I couldn't be sure.
Kowalski wasn't so impressed. "So we just fulfilled the purpose of a coverage for you?"
He didn't need to raise his voice. The question was what made Skipper flinch. He opened his beak without the words coming, slumped lower on his chair and placed his wings over his head, letting it rest on the table. "I shouldn't have told you. Now you hate me… And I deserve it. But you must know you are by no means a coverage. You are my team, after all.”
Our scientist stood up and headed towards the ladder on the wall.
My first impulse was to run after him, but I forced myself to keep sitting. He wouldn’t just leave, would he?
Skipper carried on talking, reg
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The Lost Ways - Chapter one
Chapter one: New home, new conventions
"Get out of my flowers, you thoughtless cat!"
I ignored the screams of our neighbour, but, without further commands, jumped out of his pot, not caring about digging in the hole I made. When my paws touched the railing, I flicked my tail to keep the balance and settled on my new observation point.
The view wasn't worth much. It ended with a window on the opposite side of the street, a window that hadn't seen the water for weeks. The rusty balcony railing was covered with pigeons looking at me with mocking grins on their beaks, shaking their tails as if saying, “Catch me if you can!” Those stupid birds!
With a quick glance, I considered my chances and reluctantly admitted the defeat. For their luck and my anger, they were too far. I looked away so I wasn't forced to watch their taunting dance. What a life they have, without a cat being able to eat them!
Cars were buzzing under me. Whole streams of cars. The pedestrians
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POM - Black wings - Chapter thirteen
Chapter thirteen: So, what was The Thing that happened There?
Skipper swallowed hardly again, before he finally started telling his story. "I lived in the zoo of Copenhagen. You've probably already guessed that.”
Kowalski nodded and so did I. Skipper's words sounded quite possibly to me.
“I was an agent in a special unit located in the zoo, well, until the day...” He stopped and gazed into the distance.
I turned to see what is he looking at, but his eyes met nothing but the wall.
“It wasn't a long time after one The consequences seemed terrible at first, and it was all my fault. What was the worst, there was no way to fix it.” One side of his beak lifted up in something that could be a smile. “There will never be the way...”
“What was the mission?” I asked. “Maybe we'd be able to help.”
Kowalski scowled at me while Skipper shook his head. “
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The Lost Ways - cover :iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 12 4
The lost way
The lost way
When it starts, the sleepless reeling,
when the night falls from above,
give it a try, to that feeling,
both freedom and taste of love.
Find the one you want to follow,
choose the one you want the most,
be aware you might end hollow,
abandoned way may become lost.
Find, find your way on this crossroad,
don't, don't ever lose your way.
If, if yes, go, find your lost road,
do, do before life's away.
:iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 5 6
POM - Black wings - Chapter twelve
Chapter twelve: Expert of many but lies
"We are late. The papers are now officially official." That was the message which Skipper and Kowalski brought to us when the bowl closed behind them again.
"But... what now?" I asked. No one gave me an answer.
Our commander dragged himself to a chair and rubbed his eyes with slow, tired movements. He didn't give us a single look when he said: “That's a good question.” 
Kowalski rapidly turned his notebook page by page, squinting at the words, then threw it away. “It's a shameful statement to make, but…  I have no idea!”
Things must be really bad to make him say that. No matter if impractical or crazy, he always had one before.
"This will be the end if we don't think something up.” It sounded ominous as Skipper said it, watching his own wings with a look that shown nothing but despair. It took him a lot of effort to continue. "If something happens..
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POM - Black wings - Chapter eleven
Chapter eleven: Where on the Earth is Copingham?!
"Could you finally start doing something useful?" Skipper admonished me, quickly dropping the thing I threw at him from his right wing. He kicked it away, glaring in its direction. "Private's toy? Really?”
I examined it closer and shook my head. “That's not what I looked for."
"Can you finally explain me what does all that mess mean?"
"I'm trying to find the last component for my latest invention but I haven't come across the satisfactory one,"  I informed him.
"But you obviously found a pile of junk. Stop with the digging and follow me, I wanted to..."
All of a sudden, Private rushed inside, struggling to catch his breath. "They're here! They... they... are right here..."
We exchanged confounded glances.
Skipper made few steps forth and put his wings on the tiny penguin's shoulders. "Private! Calm down! Who's there?"
He gave us a look filled with seriousness untyp
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POM - Black wings - Chapter ten
Chapter ten: Farvel!
As soon as the smoke cleared, the absence of Private and an opened manhole hit us. We exchanged a questioning glance and jumped down. What was he thinking he was doing?
"Private? Private! Where are you?!" We called after him one over another, weaving through the winding tunnels of canalization system illuminated only by a weak flashlight beam.
"What's gotten into him?" Skipper clenched his right wing, forcing the flashlight out of his grip, and clattering onto the ground. He snatched it back up only to have it slip from his grasp once more.
I ran out and caught it before it could roll into the malodorous water. I couldn't help but chuckle. "You do know you can use your other wing?" I said as I passed it back to my commander.
His response was a perplexed gaze, which turned to a frown. "Give it to me!" he ordered and yanked the flashlight out of my hold.
"Anyway, you are right, Private's behavio
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POM - Black wings - Chapter nine
Chapter nine: Slight scales of revenge
To obey 'commander'! Ha! He would obey us if he didn't want to reveal himself! I could've thought of anything and say he promised it to me! Only if he haven't snooped around, though. How else could he know when he could meet Skipper alone?
"Private? Where have you been? Just wandering around while we wait for you to start?!"
I made a scared leap when I heard our enemy behind my back. Even though he sounded as our commander, I could hear a hint of his own accent. I took a fighting pose, ready to strike, but in time I remembered Skipper's words.
"Phew, it's only you, uh, Skipper!" I breathed out.
Hans frowned. "What took you so long?"
"Come on, Skipper, he only went to see where you were!" Kowalski defended me.
I breathed easier. Hans' acting was likely to work. But who knew how long it would last?
"Listen, there's something..." he started.
I suspected what he wanted to say. “Let's star
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A Cold, Cold Hell
Given up the fight
Perhaps it's too little, it's too late
For us to come unravelled
Many paths
Left for us to travel.
But you'll walk those roads
Head held high
Though don't look back,
Nor dull your eyes to memories best
Left to the ruins of love.
A fading mystery,
A whisper tinged in regret, will be left
To wander in a cold, cold Hell
Though it won't be a sojourn
You'll have to suffer.
For what matters is not the pain
No more, no more, no more.
:iconnemox7:NemoX7 7 4
Creatures Proposal - Pun Poem
If I said I didn't CARIBOU you
Then I'd be a LION
'Cause I'm so happy you're HARE with me
That HYENA gonna leave you once you're mine
WARTHOG you I'd be lost
LIZARD you I'd be nothing
OSTRICH your arms out towards me
ANTELOPE with me, my darling
I could never want any OTTER
So let's do it, we might GAZELLE
There's KOALA places we could go
CAMEL way with me if you dare!
Let's be a PARROT hearts — inseparable
And AARDVARK on this adventure
LEOPARD of me is a part of you
So it's only right we should go together
DINGO and leave me crying
Look me in the eyes and say you MONKEY
And beneath the full of BABOON
We will not say our vows lightly.
:iconshimmeringdewdrops:ShimmeringDewdrops 11 18
~A Piece of Peace, Please :iconunicorncat:UnicornCat 68 41
Mature content
Frenemies :iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 5 0
Talk to Your Doctor
There was a family drowning
in summer light, laughing. Their dog
ran circles around himself
against the backdrop of their smiles.
Side effects may include:
Upset stomach, nausea
constipation, migraine, lethargy,
fever, and dry mouth
There was a driver one mile from
forever. Eternity opened up and kissed him
on the lips The red and orange leaves cascaded
around his windshield. He looked like everything
all at once.
Side effects may include:
Nightmares, anxiety, shaking,
tremors, feelings of inadequacy,
a body full of hopeless,
and sensitivity to everything.
There was a woman on a mountain, bathing
in snow. She spun under each flake
arms stretched out like the horizon.
Side effects may include:
forgetting the names of those you loved
forgetting where you placed their tombstones
forgetting when you felt human  
forgetting how to say your own name.
I was buried underneath
the blankets, fever dripping
from my forehead — the light
from the television
kept me awake.
:iconmattvoscinar:MattVoscinar 17 10
:iconTheShadyFedora: is making BEAUTIFUL concept music themes for our comic. Here's a link to one of his newer pieces:
The Dhatura initiatives theme! Please give it a listen. It's gorgeous,
:iconsilvermuttt:SilverMuttt 2 5
A mild March morning :icondashakern:dashakern 109 5 Dancing Squares :icontuntalm:Tuntalm 16 30 in shadows :iconinsanerobocat:InsaneRoboCat 107 2 I am watching you :iconxrls:XRlS 692 180 Fairytale :iconxrls:XRlS 244 59
Alliteration # 3
No clue, how do I do few assonance-d words?
I might write right after sights of the world
Repeatedly neat but don’t treat it like a defeat
It’s rude and crude, a feud, but I can’t cheat.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 2 0

The world is full of weird places
So many ignorant bigots with two faces
Hateful towards other for no big reasons
Just for the way they look and their races
For money they will kill their own brother
Majority are deceiving pricks like no other
They would kill their blood just for cash
Slowly suffocate them and make them suffer
Corrupt officials and dishonest authorities
Always in support of the country’s majority
Even the politicians follow this creed
Please the mainstream, and neglect the minority
The common-man has lost its sagacity
It has been an outbreak and a calamity
How does one survive in the insane world?
The only option that remains is insanity
In this world, the sane one is who strive
The anger inside of these poor one thrives
They have no option to live except insanity
They adapt to craziness in order to survive
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 5 10
Thing Called Love
Love is such a weird thing. It’s as ugly as it’s beautiful.
It’s a feeling of a life time and so dark like a funeral.
Love: It can utterly destroy you, and it can make you wild.
It can make travel a different place happy as a child.
Some people adore it, and want to be around it.
Some of us do hate it, and say we haven’t found it.
Love is like a privilege, and some surely do abuse it.
Then throw two tantrums, crying when they lose it.
And love is so painful, but there are no excuses.
Don’t ever try to avoid the pain and the bruises.
And it can bring you joy, and it can bring you sorrow.
Now it can bamboozle you, and is a tough act to follow.
I know that we can’t feel each other, but hear me.
You’re always in my heart, even if you’re not near me.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 4 0
Art has always been a therapy for me.
It showed me ways that you’d never see.
Art it can alter your moods and mental health.
It has always been way to represent one self.
It has been full of beauty with no intermission.
Fire of passion that burns in an illustration.
Teleports you to places never seen, all around
It is also be found audibly in sounds.
Art, it can be fiddled around with, like a toy.
It vents your sorrow away and gives you joy.
Art can help you in your future ahead.
As art has saved me many times from death.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 3 3
Katariinanlaakso :icontuulikannel:Tuulikannel 21 3



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Hi again:) I have a request for you, who looked at my page. I want to illustrate my fanfic Black Wings, but I don't know, what exactly to draw. Which is your favourite scene/character/quote? Which thing would you like to see the most form me? I can't promise you, that the drawing will be good, I'm not any great drawer, but I'll try my best. Actually, I have some pictures yet, but they wait for their scene to appear:D Any suggestion will be rewarded with a llama. Thank you:)


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